Trouble Shooting



We apologize that you are experiencing problems with your FeelsWarm heating mat. The good news is that most likely the problem lies with the cords or controllers, both easy things to fix. In order to identify the problem and provide you with a solution, please follow these steps.

Step One: Examine All Areas

OUTLET: Make sure the outlet being used is fully functioning (plug in a lamp or radio to confirm it works).

CORDS: Examine all of the cords to see if anything has been pinched. Please also make sure that the power cord going from the outlet to the brick transformer is fully pushed into the transformer. This could become loose or it just not tightly plugged in.

MULTIPLE HEATERS (Only applicable if you have multiple heating mats that plug together): Double check to see that everything is hooked up correctly. Is there a chance that the transformer and thermal control unit are only plugged into one of the multiple mats you have?

TRANSFORMER: Each transformer has a temperature gauge so if it gets too hot, it will shut down. Make sure there is nothing laying on top of the transformer or that it isn’t in too small of a space.

If you don’t notice any issues, move onto steps 2 and 3.

Step Two: Remove the Thermal Control Unit

Your FeelsWarm mat does not need the thermal control unit to operate. Please unplug the thermal control unit from both the heater and the transformer. Place it away in a safe spot. Next, plug the heating mat directly into the transformer. Wait up to 2 hours and feel if the heating mat is on. If it is working, we have identified that the thermal control unit is the issue and a replacement will be needed.

Step Three: Take Down Measurements

If the cords or the thermal control unit is not the issue, the transformer is suspect. If you have an ohm reader at your home, probe the transformer and the heating mat to see if there are any unusual readings. If the transformer is the issue, a replacement will be needed.

Please contact us with your findings along with the answer to these questions:

  • Is the transformer light on, blinking or off?
  • Were the thermal control unit lights on, blinking or off when you first noticed the issue?
  • Did your FeelsWarm mat work when you received it or was there an issue from the beginning?