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“You really don’t know what you are missing until you have it. I now have such a bigger appreciation for my countertop and my wife loves it!” –Matt L., New Haven IN

“My best (indulgent) purchase EVER! We sit at the counter all the time and everybody comments on how awesome it is. I couldn’t be happier with the product.”   –Meghan M., Nashua NH

“It is exactly what I wanted! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have told all my friends about it. We love it.” -Cheryl B., Pottstown PA

“Thank you FeelsWarm! We are very pleased with your product! Can’t wait to share it with our clients.”  -LRH Construction

“We love the heater.  And I can tell you that the people who have felt it are extremely jealous.”  –Jorin J., Fargo ND

“My wife has fibromyalgia and the cold temps of the quartz would literally cause her pain. Now she loves it and puts her arms and hands on it without pain.” -Brian C., Seattle WA

“We had put off getting granite countertops because of the cold feel. We are glad we came across Feels Warm. We installed the heating unit via directions with ease. Thanks again for such a great solution to cold counters.” -Brian B., Rogers MN

“It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten my wife!”  –Mark S., Rochester Hills MI

“I love the fact that my food does not go cold in a couple of minutes after I put the plate on the counter any more and that I can lean on my counter top and feel the cozy warmth. Highly recommend!” -Anna K., New York, NY

“The welcome desk at our hair salon was always cold for guests to lean on when checking in and out. Now we get compliments all the time on how nice the counter feels, especially in the winter.” Sarah T., Rendezvous Salon

FeelsWarm Reviews: Countertop Heaters

Love, love love the warm counter & have gotten so much praise for it.”  -Jeanne H., Edmonton Canada

“My wife loves the heated granite! She sits at the counter for hours on end. I just installed it two days ago, & I think she has thanked me ten times. Great product!” -Jim S., Fargo ND

“Just want to let you know that we really enjoy our Brazilian counter now. What a delight. You have a happy customer.” –Kees O., Glen Arm MD

“We purchased the FeelsWarm heating mat for our granite countertop a few months ago & we love it! It does a tremendous job at heating the granite. It heats the countertop just enough to take the initial shock away when leaning on it with bare arms.”

-Becky S., Audubon IA

“The contrast between where the heater is and a foot away is remarkable. Quite comfortable and works like a charm. Thanks for your help in the design and delivery.”  

-Rick B., Towson MD

 “We love our heated counter top. My wife, who poo-pooed getting it originally, is the first to turn it on when it cools down in the fall. She uses it to defrost food and as a plate warmer. Our friends and guest are amazed and impressed by it.  Wonderful product!” 

-Derek & Kay G., Loveland CO

“We recently sold our home, and the heated countertop became a huge talking point among the realtors who came in to see the house. Now that we have moved, we can’t live without a countertop heater. We have been here for a total of two days, and our forearms are freezing and our coffees are cooling way too quickly!”

-Johan F., Sandy Hook CT

“We love it! In fact, a couple of guests have said they want to lay down on it! Our cat likes to sleep on the bar stool underneath it because it’s so warm.  It was worth the splurge!”

-Lauri M., Lakewood CO

“We are extremely happy with our FeelsWarm granite heater. Guests will come over and be astonished that the granite wasn’t cold like most stone. Family members will come visit and immediately place their hands on the granite to warm their hands. Without a doubt, it has enhanced our kitchen and home. You will be amazed to how much it helps keep your arms and hands warm.” 

-Dorothy F., Burnsville MN

“When we remodeled our home office with quartz desktops, we were extremely concerned about the cold of the stone. FeelsWarm Heaters exceeded my expectations. Thank you for such a fantastic product & purchasing experience.” 

-DJ M., Apex NC

“We eat at our granite countertop most of the time and our arms & hands were always cold. Now, we are warm! Loved this product from the beginning.”

-Patricia F., Cresco IA

“We always use it when we have guests over in the winter time and people can’t believe how nice it is. They don’t want to sit anywhere else because it is so warm on their arms.” 

-Melva G., Nicollet MN

“We absolutely love our heater and it was an easy install. The other day, the grandboys came over to make chocolate haystacks on our kitchen counter and if that stone would not have been warm, it probably would have been 50 degrees which would not have been as much fun. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product.” 

 -Bruce D., Burnsville MN

“Worked like a charm. Installation was easy and the mat was thin enough to fit in our 3/16″ gap. Hate to say it….But I can’t wait for winter.”  

-Carmen V., Cinnaminson NJ

“My countertops are connected to the outside wall of my house and are getting very cold in the winter. With the heating system installed I can sit on my bar without freezing my arms off!” 

-Markus B., Salt Lake City UT

“I love my heated counters! I will definitely be showing these off when people come over.” 

-Karen M., Tacoma WA

“My wife and I are loving the new heating mat.  Great product.  We are recommending to other condo owners and the feedback has been outstanding.“

-Barry W., Palm Coast FL

“Whenever we host gatherings, visitors exclaim over the warmth.” 

-John R., Minneapolis MN

“I’m happy with my heater every day in the winter. I set the plates on the counter to fill them from the stove knowing I am not ‘prechilling’ them! In the spring I put my seed trays on the heated counter and get great germination of nearly 100%! Love it and am so happy I found the product.” 

-Andena H., Lewiston ID

“Our nice, expensive granite would remain cold all the time, so we decided to install a FeelsWarm heater just under where my keyboard sits. Now, I am happy that it is quite warm and the ladies that work at the desk are very happy that they don’t have to deal with a freezing work surface. Plus, the install was very easy. Overall we are very happy with the heater.” 

-Dan D., Waterloo Ontario

“Really loving my warm island thanks to my recent installation of a countertop heater. No longer does the counter draw the heat out of me when I’m sitting or working at my island, and instead I have a warm comfortable surface. What an amazing difference!”

-John S., North Reading MA

“I love the product! Whenever people are over they are all super impressed at the heated counters. Nothing but positive feedback from my girlfriend and I!” 

-Jacob B., St. Louis Park MN

“We love the product and so does everyone who sits at our counter. No more putting a towel under my arms to stop the terrible cold. We give this product 5 stars!” 

-Jeanne & Bob H., Luduc County Alberta

“We love the heater.  It is great.  We’ve told many people about it.” 

-Bill S., Hobart WI 

“I have one under the kitchen counter where we sit reading for hours. I also have one at my desk. When I touch the non-heated areas, I know that I would not enjoy my kitchen or desk as much without these heating mats. I am so glad I purchased them.”

-Elizabeth W., Fayetteville AR

“Love my FeelsWarm countertops!”   

-Sue B., Eden Prairie MN

“Your system is an impressive one and it’s still hard to fathom how thin the mat is. The heat is addicting and I already find myself thinking of other countertop areas to add warmth!”

-Steve M., Aurora CO

“So great to have the warm stone to lean against, eat dinner at, and even keep food warm longer. We’ll never be able to go back and not have heated counterts now that we know how great they are.” 

-Kelly L., Lakeville MN

“I couldn’t be happier with this warmer on our bar. My wife just said…’whatever’ when I said I was going to purchase this. She, now, also thinks this product is awesome. Most folks in our rural area don’t think about these kind of luxuries but once they see the benefits and the comfort it offers, they want to know more.”

-Russ J., Iowa Falls IA

“When I got my heating mat it was like Christmas!  It works great and the installation was a breeze. Thanks for the great customer service!”

-Meghan M., Nashua NH

“This product is amazing. I had installed Quartz countertops with the goal of heating it for my wife who has difficulty dealing with the cold on her forearms and hands. Guests rave about the ‘lack of coldness’ when they touch it. Deal-maker!”

-Brian C., Ellensburg WA

“We absolutely love the warm counter. It’s as good as we’d hoped and our friends are amazed. Many didn’t know this was even an option.”

-Tom W., Alexandria VA

“We are seniors and always felt a little chilly sitting at our island in the kitchen. Plus, the food always cooled off too quickly. I must say, we are pretty toasty sitting at our island now. We recommend FeelsWarm to anyone who wishes to enhance their island or peninsula.”

-Maria W., Pelham NH

“When I contemplated putting a stone desktop in my home office, my friend urged me to try FeelsWarm because it would make the stone countertop tolerable. Boy, was she right! It makes a huge difference — the difference between having uncomfortably cold arms or being able to simply enjoy the space. I highly recommend the product.”

-Britt F., Chevy Chase MD

“After getting our Feels Warm mat the granite counter top is a pleasure to sit at on a cold morning drinking a cup of coffee. No more cold arms or hands. It even warms your plate and keeps the butter from getting hard.”

Lee K., Brooklyn Park MN

“We purchased this product for a customers home we were remodeling. It was easy to install and the customer loves it.”

-Ron C., Shores WA

“Love, love, love it! Thank you for the quick turn around. It is a marvelous product!” 

-Lisa D., Madison WI

“When friends come into our house, it’s the first thing that we show them. We live in Maine so our countertops can get quite cold in the winter. We love the new FeelsWarm countertop warming mat.”

-Dana S., Kittery ME

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Remove the cold feel of your island or desk with a FeelsWarm countertop warmer.