Compressed Heaters



In addition to our stick-on heating mats, FeelsWarm also provides an option for the heater to be compressed in between the stone and substrate underneath.

Our compressed heaters can handle the weight and compression of any stone countertop, which can be as high as 30 lbs per square foot. Plus, the mats are designed to comply with uneven compression forces due to non-flat wood such as gaps in the wood, raised cabinet edges, embedded supports and non-smooth bottom surfaces.

All of our heaters are  ‘ductile’, or soft/pliable, enabling them to bend and conform instead of breaking during a compression action.

What is the difference between the stick-on heating mat and the compressed heating mat?

There is little difference between the two products, except for how the heater is installed. With our compressed heaters, the cord is embedded within the design of the mat, allowing you to drill a hole in the substrate and feed the cord through the cabinetry below. (Watch how the two different mats are installed here).

The compressed heaters do not need an extra protective layer or adhesive like the stick-on mats, making the installation process even more simple and quick.