30-Day Risk Free Trial



If you are unhappy with the coldness of your granite or stone countertops, there is solution that doesn’t involve installing a brand new surface. FeelsWarm ultra-thin heating mats stick directly under your countertop overhang or desk, providing warmth and luxury to your elegant stone.

Home & business owners now have the option to try out the heating mat on their surface at no cost (shipping not included) with FeelsWarm’s 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. Should you decide to purchase a permanently-mounted heater at the end of the trial, the shipping cost will be credited to your order.

Plugging into a standard outlet, the FeelsWarm demo takes seconds to install and can be easily removed from your countertop after the 30 days. If you fall in love with your heated countertop and want to order your own heating mat after the trial, we can work with you to design one that fits the exact size and shape of your surface.

  • Heating mats are to apply to a stone countertop that has an overhang.
  • Credit card information must be provided for shipping costs.
  • Demo must be returned upon 30 days of shipment arrival.
  • Transformer is included.

See for yourself why people all over the country are adding heat to their countertops. We know that once you feel it in your own home, you will understand why people love it. Contact us today to get started.