10 Unique Home Inventions You Didn’t Know You Wanted

man and woman laying in bed holding a phone and smiling while looking at it


Ever think of a problem or small inconvenience in your home that you wish you could resolve? There is a high probability that something has already been invented to solve whatever issue is bothering you.

Here are ten of the most unique and popular home inventions that you never even knew you needed.

Port Solar Charger

window mounted iPhone chargers


This compact battery is portable and will charge your phone solely using solar energy. Simply find a window in your home or car, or even the airplane, and use Port like a suction cup on the glass. Talk about convenient!

Portable Toaster

image of person holding heated bread knife while cutting and toasting a loaf of bread at the same time


If you are someone who loves toast, then this unique travelling toast may be for you. this heated knife gets hot enough to actually toast your bread as you slice it. The perfect, easy-to-clean item to bring when travelling or for saving time in the morning.

Shaving Pedestal

woman shaving her leg while it is perched on a wall mounted foot rest


Tired of balancing and slipping in the shower when trying to shave your legs? This simple, easy-to-install pedestal will up your shaving game and will save you from having to lean over to reach those ankle hairs. 

Ironing Board Mirror

woman ironing a black dress in one picture and then wearing it while looking in a mirror while wearing black heels in the picture on the right


Now your ironing board can be conveniently on hand without actually being on display. Plus, you can immediately check out your wrinkle-free outfit in the mirror right after you’re done!

Heated Countertops

ultra thin heating mat under stone countertop overhang


These ultra-slim warming mats adhere directly under your countertop overhang, taking away the cold feel of granite, marble or quartz. Plugging directly into an outlet inside your cabinetry, this invention is practically invisible and will give your kitchen a warming touch, pun intended.

Water Walker & Spa

woman inside of self contained aqua training pod


Whether you are a fitness guru or someone who enjoys staying healthy, this aqua treadmill will change your life. You can utilize the Water Walker & Spa for both exercise and for relaxation as it resembles a modern bathtub while incorporating a moving surface on the bottom.

Portable Keyboard for Your Smartphone

iPhone docking station with keyboard attached


For the moments when you don’t want to haul out your laptop, this portable keyboard is extremely convenient for typing out emails on your phone, surfing the net or even for sending those long text messages.

Knife That Melts Butter

person holding butter knife, spreading butter on toast


There is nothing more frustrating than cold butter that won’t spread onto your nice piece of bread. This heated butter knife will instantly soften your butter, making it easy to spread quickly. A fun gift to give too!

A Vacuum That Empties Itself

Roomba brand vacuum parked at its charging station


You almost always have to manually clean out the mess from a majority of modern vacuums, even robot vacuums. iRobot’s new Roomba i7+, however, allows you to avoid this annoying step because it actually empties itself. Talk about luxury!

Fogless Mirror

man wiping finger across steamed mirror


Believe it or not, the luxury of a fog-free mirror isn’t just for spas or deluxe hotels. You can bring home the spa with a WarmlyYours fogless mirror, which will keep your glass streak free and will keep your bathroom feeling like a resort. 

Which of these home inventions is your favorite?



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