Fast Delivery

Standard heater orders will be processed and shipped in 2-3 days.  VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and Paypal accepted.

FeelsWarm is a patented (pending) technology of Heated Stone Products, Lakeville, MN.
FeelsWarm is a registered trademark of Heated Stone Products.
1. Custom Heaters:  Call us to speak with a specialist to help you arrive at the specific shape and size of the FeelsWarm heater and how it mates with your countertop.  We can calculate pricing over-the-phone after we talk with you about the best approach and we typically ship within 7-10 days.

Heaters are rarely installed to heat the entire countertop surface - heaters are typically placed only where individuals rest their arms.  As a general rule, heaters for normal sized islands with an overhang/raised surface along one side run $750-$1,000 depending upon the size.  This includes the custom transformer and one thermal control unit.

2. Standard Heaters: These heaters are rectangular in shape and the connection cable exits the heater at the center back position.  These are ideal for desks, straight overhanging bars/counters and tables.  Our current standard heaters sizes are:

     11 X 24    -    $365.00
     11 X 36    -    $450.00
     11 X 48    -    $525.00
     11 X 60    -    $595.00
     17 X 30    -    $510.00

Plus shipping and applicable taxes.

NOTE:  Standard heaters cannot  be joined together.  In almost all cases, the cost of two standard heaters is greater than the cost of purchasing one custom heater.