Ultra Thin Heating Element with Uniform Pattern
FeelsWarm heated countertops are fitted with an ultra thin (between .015" and .025" thick) heating element that is custom-engineered for each stone including shape, wattage, and electrical input location.  The FeelsWarm element pattern is precisely designed and installed to overcome the poor thermal characteristics of stone so that an even heated surface is created and that the front edge is the same temperature as the center of the heated zone.

Stick-on heaters have cable that typically enters the cupboard through a 3/4" hole.  A black plug is provided for professional look.
FeelsWarm is a patented (pending) technology of Heated Stone Products, Lakeville, MN.
FeelsWarm is a registered trademark of Heated Stone Products.
Ultra thin stick-on heaters are ideal for adding to existing overhanging countertops.